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Title Scoping Review of Medical Student Assessments in Small Group Settings
Background/Purpose Currently, the Cumming School of Medicine's Undergraduate Medical Education program is undergoing a major shift in delivery and assessment of the preclerkship curriculum. In seeking out best practice assessment methods for small groups (SGs), a gap in literature reviews on this vast and diverse topic was identified. Therefore, the objective of this study was to conduct a scoping review on the assessment of medical students in SGs.
Methods Various academic databases and grey literature in English were searched for the period of 1960 to present (August 5, 2022). Inclusion criteria for the scoping review were any literature that included an assessment of undergraduate medical students in SG settings, as defined by groups of 6-12 students, in any region. Literature is currently being screened using Covidence.
Results After the removal of duplicate literature, a total of 4825 literature were included for screening. Currently, a title and abstract screening is underway to exclude any literature that does not meet the inclusion criteria (e.g.: resident assessment). Preliminary themes identified during the screening process included the methods and tools of assessment, metrics of student assessment, and predictors of student success/struggles.
Discussion Assessment of medical students in SG settings is a diverse topic with inconsistent terminology. The results from this scoping review will aid in summarizing current evidences and findings of medical student assessment in SGs. Results from this scoping review will help guide undergraduate medical programs in the development of assessment tools that will enhance medical student learning and success.
Keyword 1 Small groups
Keyword 2 Student assessment
Keyword 3 Scoping review
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Authors Irene Ma
Bronte Chiang
Mike Paget
Janeve Desy
Sarah Weeks
Christopher Naugler
Adrian Harvey
Vina Fan
Irene Ma

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