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Title Teaching Cultural Safety to Health Professional Students Through an Interprofessional Education Workshop
Background/Purpose To identify the principles of providing culturally safe health care to Indigenous peoples, healthcare learners must: 1) apply culturally safe communication skills; 2) discern concepts of community development, empowerment and respect to healthcare delivery in Indigenous communities and 3) identify Indigenous support structures in the provision of healthcare. To achieve these objectives a half-day virtual interprofessional education (IPE) workshop among healthcare learners was developed. The purpose of this study was to retrospectively review workshop feedback to determine if the Indigenous health learning objectives were met.
Methods An 11-item anonymous online survey utilizing Likert scales and open-ended questions was offered to all learners (n = 1097). The survey addressed understanding of Indigenous culture and healthcare barriers, interest in improving the quality of Indigenous healthcare and the provision of culturally safe care.
Results The response rate was 22% (207 surveys). Most learners (77%) agreed that the workshop increased their understanding of Indigenous culture and healthcare barriers and 90% expressed interest in learning more about improving the quality of Indigenous healthcare. Common feedback included: 1) heightened appreciation for the complexity of Indigenous health care (17%), 2) recognition that healthcare challenges from non-Indigenous service providers are long-standing and intergenerational (14%), and 3) advocacy is a responsibility of health service providers to promote systemic change and reduce healthcare barriers (13%).
Discussion The IPE workshop focusing on the provision of culturally safe care was well-received by healthcare learners, and qualitative responses provided important insights for future workshop development. Additional workshops are encouraged to reinforce themes of cultural safety.
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Authors Adrian Kuchtaruk
Adrian Kuchtaruk
Catherine Joyes
Samantha Dokis
Josee Paradis
Danielle Alcock
Lloy Wylie
Lisa Christian

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