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Title A Thematic Analysis of Participants Feedback to Care for Indigenous Population Cpd: A University Cpd Office's Experience
Background/Purpose Following the Calls to Action by The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada in 2015, the Future of Medical Education in Canada released a 2019 report on the future of continuing professional development. It pointed out that physician learning and improvement system must be responsive to the needs of patients and the community such as proficiency in Indigenous health. The office of CME&PD at University of Calgary started including content on care for Indigenous population in annual CPD programs. This thematic analysis of participants' feedback hopes to understand how these sessions are perceived and the direction for future CPD on care for Indigenous population.
Methods CPD participants provided open-ended text feedback which was then used as data for this thematic analysis. Due to the small size of data, only one reviewer coded the data and conducted the initial thematic analysis, though two reviewers examined the coding and reviewed the analysis independently. Themes emerged were extracted, analyzed, and presented.
Results 146 responses were collected and included. Key themes included effective presentations, increased awareness of inequities and disparities faced by Indigenous population, quality of care, and desire for actionable and applicable practice guidance.
Discussion Indigenous healthcare must start from an understanding of the disparities and inequities they face, and these CPD sessions effectively increased such awareness. Future CPD on Indigenous population care needs to incorporate actionable and applicable practice pearls such as tools to undercover bias, language to start patient-centered conversation, advocate for Indigenous patients, and care for Indigenous health care workers.
Keyword 1 Indigenous Population Care
Keyword 2 Thematic Analysis
Keyword 3 Future CPD
Abstract content most relevant to: (check all that apply) Continuing Professional Development (CPD) (faculty development, CME)
Abstract Track - First Choice Indigenous Health
Authors X.Sheila Sun
X.Sheila Sun
Dawn Peta
Cathy Scrimshaw

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