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Title Defining A Health Promoting Learning Environment: Perspectives of Medical Students and Resident Physicians
Background/Purpose Integrated, strategic, efforts aimed at changing the culture of medicine have been challenging to develop and adopt. The Okanagan Charter on Health Promoting Universities and Colleges is a widely-adopted international framework focused on health-promoting learning environments (HPLEs). HPLEs infuse health principles into all aspects of operations, practices, mandates, and business. Our study sought to elucidate factors that could foster an HPLE within medical education as the University of Alberta (UA) seeks to develop an HPLE strategic plan.
Methods We conducted virtual semi-structured interviews guided by thematic analysis with medical learners (students, residents and fellows at the UA). Transcripts were independently coded and reviewed by 3 researchers.
Results Our study identified several themes including that the foundation of an HPLE is respect, openness, flexibility, and effective communication. Barriers to HPLEs include faculty being overworked and thus not being as engaged in mentoring and teaching. Learners noted that a culture of wellbeing is set by leadership and when leaders place wellbeing at the forefront people are more likely to feel like they are thriving and can pursue further personal development. Learners are aware of health services and policies aimed at wellbeing but note that in an HPLE these policies would be more consistent and embedded in the faculty culture, alongside more accessible services.
Discussion Elucidating factors that support implementation of the Okanagan Charter and foster developing an HPLE can contribute to systemic efforts that faculties can take in addressing learner wellbeing challenges. These efforts will inform systemic wellness efforts at the UA and more broadly.
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Authors Veronica Oczkowski
Rachel Joffe
Veronica Oczkowski
Victor Do
Melanie Lewis
Rachel Joffe

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