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Title Motivations of Patients Who Engage in Medical Teaching: A Qualitative Study
Background/Purpose From 2019-2021, we developed and implemented an intervention actively involving patients in small group discussion workshops, as part of a mandatory undergraduate course in medicine at Université Laval. In these workshops, students were asked to deliberate about the legal, ethical and moral issues arising from different clinical cases. Patients were invited to bring their particular points of view on these cases, rooted in their experiential knowledge. This presentation aims to highlight the motivations behind patients' interest in participating in such intervention. Understanding patients' motivations will contribute to a better implementation of patient-teacher models in medical education.
Methods This study is based on a qualitative descriptive design, using 10 semi-structured interviews with patients who participated in our intervention. Inductive thematic analysis was conducted using Nvivo software.
Results Patients' motivations for participating fall into two categories: (1) a perceived coherence between one's individual characteristics (e.g., capacities, expertise; values, beliefs; life trajectory) and the characteristics of the project in which participation takes place (e.g., context, requirements; epistemological, theoretical, practical foundations); (2) patients' conception of the project as a means of action at an individual level (e.g., to fulfill needs to bond, to move forward, to feel useful) and collective level (e.g., to contribute to renewed future health professional's approaches).
Discussion The study provides an in-depth and complex understanding of motivating factors for patient engagement in medical teaching. Our findings suggest the need for sensitive approaches to such engagement, based on a deep and holistic understanding of what participation means and entails for patients.
Keyword 1 Patient engagement
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Keyword 3 Interventional research
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Authors Julie Massé
Julie Massé
Sophie Grignon
Luc Vigneault
Geneviève Olivier-D'Avignon
Marie-Claude Tremblay

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