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Title Partnership Development Among Education/research, Practice, and Policy/regulation to Support Scholarly Practice for Rehabilitation Practitioners
Background/Purpose Scholarly practice (SP) is a core professional competency for rehabilitation practitioners. Historically, efforts by the three sectors most vested in SP-education/research, practice, and policy/regulation-have worked in silos. The purpose of this project was to (1) understand what SP means to each sector, including areas of commonality and divergence; (2) identify the factors that influence SP across the three sectors; and (3) develop common goals and strategies to promote SP.
Methods Using an integrated knowledge translation approach and an interpretive description methodology, we collaborated with representatives across the three sectors. We held three consecutive 3-hour focus groups, each targeting one study aim. We analyzed the data using thematic analysis.
Results Thirty-nine individuals across the three sectors participated. Themes related to the conceptualization of SP included (a) ongoing and reflective processes, (b) broad concepts (e.g., beyond evidence-based practice), and (c) the need for collective effort. Themes regarding the factors that influence SP were (a) recognizing the value of SP, (b) demystifying SP, (c) engaging in a professional network, (d) accessing resources, and (e) considering factors outside of practitioners' control. Participants codeveloped three goals and strategies to support SP: (a) rewarding SP, (b) encouraging SP throughout one's professional career, and (c) ensuring access to information.
Discussion Although representatives from all sectors valued their joint contributions to SP, moving forward, it is imperative that sectors recognize and implement collective strategies to reward SP as a core competency for rehabilitation practitioners. Such partnerships among sectors can break silos and lead to meaningful, sustainable outcomes.
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Keyword 2 Rehabilitation
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Authors Sungha Kim
Sungha Kim
Aliki Thomas
Annie Rochette
Sara Ahmed
Philippe Archambault
Claudine Auger
Alex Battaglini
Andrew Freeman
Eva Kehayia
Elizabeth Kinsella
Lori Letts
Peter Nugus
Margo Paterson
Nancy Salbach
Josée Séguin
Diana Sinnige
Yannick Tousignant-Laflamme
Scholarly Practice Partnership Team N/A

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