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Title Is There More to It than Reading Around the Case? A Mixed Methods Study of Resident Workplace Preparation Habits.
Background/Purpose The clinical and academic demands of residency necessitate self-regulated learning to succeed. Residents are challenged with balancing their learning needs to become competent physicians with the provision of quality care and maintenance of patient safety. Little is known about how medicine residents integrate and enact learning in their day-to-day activities, and what actions may support or hinder excellence in residency training.
Methods Data collection consisted of semi-structured interviews exploring individual learning strategies of residents. Constructivist grounded theory guided study design, data collection and analysis. Rigour was enhanced through iterative data collection and analysis, constant comparison and purposive sampling of residents at various levels of training and across three assessment rating tertials as rated by their program director.
Results Across 13 residents interviewed, we identified a couple of themes. First, those with the most robust studying strategies tend to have regular study schedule and material outside of work hours, regardless of rotation. In contrast, those in the lowest tertile tended to only read around cases. Also, as a result of RCPSC exam timing, studying in the third year of training was dominated by this to the exclusion of all else. The anticipated outcome is the development of a model that encompasses variability in studying practices of internal medicine trainees that can be used to assess, support and guide trainee learning.
Discussion Our findings can help support residents and programs, including those working with struggling residents, in being able to better identify preparation habits and customize learning activities that better ensure the achievement of excellence.
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Authors Hatem Salim
Hatem Salim
Mark Goldszmidt

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