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Title Exploring Surgeon Experiences with Burnout to Develop Stakeholder-Informed Interventions: A Qualitative Case Study
Background/Purpose Given the context-specific factors associated with burnout and its high prevalence in surgical departments, it is critical that surgeons be involved in the formation of interventions to ensure feasibility and uptake. Thus, the purpose of this study was to explore surgeon experiences with burnout and strategies to mitigate the identified drivers within the Department of Surgery at McMaster University.
Methods A qualitative case study was conducted by recruiting surgeons in the department for participation in a cross-sectional survey and semi-structured interviews. Data collected were analyzed using reflexive thematic analysis. An essentialist, deductive, and semantic approach to coding was employed using the Areas of Worklife Model and the Job-Person Fit Theory.
Results Overall, 11 surgeons participated in interviews and 22 provided responses through the survey. Significant contributors to burnout identified include balancing patient burden with their values of care and the limited resources and time available in academic medical centres (exacerbated by the pandemic). The inequitable remuneration associated with education, administration, and leadership roles through the Fee-For-Service model, as well as issues of gender inequity and hostile working environments were also reported as contributing factors. Participants suggested department leaders increase engagement with staff members by developing anonymous reporting avenues for departmental issues and facilitating collegial bonds as strategies for addressing burnout.
Discussion The high prevalence and negative sequelae of burnout in surgery necessitates the formation of targeted interventions to address this issue. A collaborative approach to developing interventions to improve burnout amongst surgeons may lead to feasible, effective, and sustainable solutions.
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Authors Kestrel McNeill
Kestrel McNeill
Sierra Vaillancourt
Ilun Yang
Ranil Sonnadara
Stella Choe

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