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Title Evaluating the Dear Md to Be Podcast as A Platform for Equity-Centered Mentorship and Under-Represented Narrative Dissemination
Background/Purpose Dear MD to Be is a medical-student-led podcast series interviewing healthcare champions of intersectional backgrounds on their institutional experience. Despite existing initiatives for equity-deserving groups, there is a paucity of institutionally-supported, equity-centred mentorship programs in medicine. This project evaluates the podcast as a vehicle for accessible equity-centred mentorship and dissemination of underrepresented narratives in medicine.
Methods A cross-sectional survey on Qualtrics was virtually disseminated via school email listservs and social media between February and March 2022. Survey fields included demographics, knowledge gained from podcast engagement, attitudes towards podcasts as a tool for mentorship, and psychological/emotional gains from the podcast content. Inclusion criteria required English-speaking respondents who had engaged with at least one podcast episode. Descriptive and frequency analysis was collated using Microsoft Excel and qualitative data was analyzed using an inductive reflexive thematic process.
Results Forty-seven individuals responded from all levels of training, with 96% self-identifying with at least one equity-deserving group. 100% agreed that the podcast is an accessible form of mentorship. Qualitatively, respondents most appreciated self-pacing, opportunities to interact with many narratives, and reduced power and compatibility issues often encountered in dyadic set-ups. Data suggests most listeners gleaned lessons about authenticity, wellness, advocacy work, allyship, cultural imposter syndrome, and navigating discrimination. Furthermore, data suggests that most listeners felt represented, empowered, and legitimized by podcast content.
Discussion This project demonstrates an opportunity to broaden and diversify equity-centered mentorship delivery to allow for multiple narrative interactions through a novel medium that facilitates reflection, storytelling, and self-paced engagement.
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Authors Imaan Kherani
Imaan Kherani
Clara Osei-Yeboah
Meera Mahendiran
Maham Bushra
Happy Inibhunu
Maria Mylopoulos
Marcus Law

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