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Title A Realist, Multi-Site Comparison of Competence Committee Implementation Practices
Background/Purpose Competence committees (CCs) are groups that review resident progress in postgraduate medical education programs and make decisions about readiness to progress to the next stage of training. Literature about CC implementation in health professions education largely reflects expert consensus or single-site studies, with limited understanding of how implementation practices may vary across contexts. The purpose of this study was to compare CC implementation practices at two academic centres.
Methods A realist evaluation of CC implementation practices was used to complete a secondary analysis of data obtained through CC observation, interviews, and a survey with key stakeholders at two academic centres in Ontario. A co-created template was populated with 15 domains based on the existing CC literature and our own experiences as researchers and educators. Multiple meetings between our interdisciplinary research team allowed us to identify similarities and differences between sites.
Results A major contextual difference was how CCs were implemented (institution-wide transition versus on a rolling basis). Despite this, many aspects of CC implementation were similar across both centres. Shared challenges included committee membership, workload, adequate data, remediation and appeals, and processes for continuous quality improvement. A notable difference between the two centres was the operationalization of the academic advisor role and how it interfaced with CCs.
Discussion More similarities than differences were identified in the implementation of CCs across two centres, including challenges that CCs must overcome to successfully perform their roles. The findings of this study can help identify areas for continued improvement of CC practices and areas for future scholarship.
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Authors Anita Acai
Tessa Hanmore
Melissa Andrew
Sussan Askari
Maria Hussain
Ranil Sonnadara
Jessica Trier

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