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Title Analyzing Learning in A Cpd Program Through A Canmeds Lens: A Qualitative Approach
Background/Purpose The CanMEDS framework encapsulates the interconnected roles that physicians have in providing effective patient-centered care. In CPD, planning committees identify key CanMEDs roles being addressed by an educational program, using learning objectives as a guide. The challenge is to evaluate whether the educational program successfully addressed these roles, as participants are not consistent in identifying roles. We explore how qualitative analysis of program evaluation data can illuminate CanMEDS competencies addressed within a learning session: Can qualitative analysis provide insight into learning through a CanMEDS lens? Can this analysis be linked back to learning objectives? What are benefits or drawbacks of this approach?
Methods We conducted a secondary analysis of qualitative program evaluation data from six 1-hour sessions of a leadership development conference. The authors inductively thematically analyzed 468 statements generated by two open-ended questions about participant learning. Using key and enabling competencies, each theme was mapped to a primary (and sometimes secondary) CanMEDS role.
Results Five to eight themes were identified for each session. These were mapped onto 2-4 distinct CanMEDS roles: Leader, Professional, Collaborator, and Scholar. While themes were often unique to a specific session and reflected session specific learning objectives, the competencies and roles were consistent across sessions and aligned with the roles identified by the planning committee.
Discussion This approach helps tie participants' reported learning to learning objectives and key CanMEDS roles identified by the planning committee. It allows for analysis of CanMEDS learning that does not rely on participant identification of themes, resulting in more consistent and reliable analysis.
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Authors Clare Cook
Kristen Shaw
Kristen Shaw

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