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Title To Pre or Not to Pre? Optimizing Test Enhanced Learning in Continuing Education
Background/Purpose Test-enhanced learning (TEL) is a proven education strategy to increase retention and transfer of learning in undergraduate and postgraduate medical education. Recent studies demonstrate TEL is feasible and effective in continuing education, leading to gains in transfer of knowledge. TEL can be timed either before (pre) or after (post) learning. Choosing only one strategy maybe more efficient for participants and planners though evidence for the superiority of one strategy is inconclusive
Methods A randomized controlled experiment studied whether pre or post-testing was superior for CE in the context of the virtual Pediatric Update 2021 Conference in Toronto, Canada. Participants were randomized to pre or post-testing across 15 workshops. Participants in the pre-group received 5 MCQs 2 weeks before live workshops. Participants in the post-group received 5 MCQs for each workshop 2 weeks after the conference. The primary outcomes were clinical reasoning knowledge transfer tests for each workshop delivered one month after the conference. Participants also completed 3 surveys which queried learning behaviours and mpact of pre or post-testing on their learning and clinical practices. Analysis was through multi-level model controlling for other covariates.
Results 159 individuals provided data (90 pre/69 post). There was no statistical difference between the pre and post-groups on the primary outcome measure (b=0.05, t=6.49,p<0.52) though we noted greater adherence to completing pre-tests compared to post-tests (t=18.6, p<0.001).
Discussion Both strategies were well received by participants. We did not detect an advantage for either testing strategy by any measure except significantly greater adherence to pre-testing. We discuss implications for TEL.
Keyword 1 Assessment for learning
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Keyword 3 Transfer of learning
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Authors Kulamakan Kulasegaram
Oshan Fernando
Tasnia Khan
Vishan Shan
Tina Martimianakis
Mark Feldman
Kulamakan Kulasegaram

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