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Title Mass Gathering Medicine Elective: A Unique Clinical and Medical Education Experience in Event Medicine for Residents
Background/Purpose Mass gathering events (e.g., music festivals), present challenges to patient care, including resource limitations, loud music, and working with ad hoc teams. Creativity, adaptability, collaboration, leadership, and educational skills are example competencies exemplifying event medicine practice. In July 2022, a University of Calgary Mass Gathering Medicine Elective was piloted to immerse residents in these unique contexts and competencies.
Methods Four second-year Family Medicine Residents participated in a one-to-four-week elective. Possible events included a community celebration, a parade, an exhibition, and music festivals. Residents completed a minimum of 3.5 shifts/week and prepared/facilitated an in-situ simulation for multidisciplinary healthcare teams. Residents completing 2-week and 4-week electives produced one podcast and two podcasts, respectively, related to Mass Gathering Medicine. Residents provided feedback via a post-elective evaluation survey.
Results The average overall elective rating was 6/7. The amount of work was rated 4/7 on average (1="extremely light"; 7="extremely heavy"). Average self-efficacy ratings, pre- versus post-elective, increased for all learning objectives, all with large effect sizes (Hedges' g>0.8). All objectives ("communication/collaboration", "verbal de-escalation", "triage", "medical response planning", "improvisation/creative-thinking", "simulation facilitation", and "podcast creation"), except one ("radio communication"), achieved statistically significant increases (paired t-test, p<0.05).
Discussion The elective was well-received by residents and increased their self-efficacy in areas that expand the repertoire of knowledge, skills, and attitudes that may not be as emphasized in other rotations. A mass gathering medicine resident elective may help residents achieve skills in creativity, leadership, and education, while immersing residents in contexts that are low-resourced, depend on multidisciplinary collaboration, and feature unique presentations.
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Anthony Seto

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