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Title Vancouver Notes: A Crowdsourcing, Trainee-Led Approach to Educational Resource Development
Background/Purpose Scholarship is recognized as a key component of physician competency frameworks, with most training programs encouraging completion of a scholarly project during residency. However, given the demands of clinical training, many residents have limited opportunities to take meaningful ownership over scholarly projects, become published authors, and participate in knowledge dissemination.
Methods To enable a large cohort of residents to lead the development of a scholarly publication, we used a unique crowdsourcing model to create a novel clinical textbook, entitled Vancouver Notes, aimed at addressing knowledge gaps for early-stage internal medicine trainees. This 13-chapter textbook was produced through the cumulative efforts of internal medicine, neurology and dermatology residents, subspecialty fellows, and staff physicians. Under the leadership of three Editors-in-Chief, residents were divided into small teams of 4 to 6 individuals to develop each chapter, with each member taking on the roles of both author and editor to formulate the topics and content. Each team was further supported with input from fellows and staff.
Results This project ultimately resulted in 57 residents becoming published authors with the support of 14 fellows and 20 staff physicians.
Discussion This crowdsourcing publication model can be generalized and adapted to other disciplines and content areas. Moreover, this collaborative approach allowed residents to network with senior physicians from their desired subspecialty of interest. This facilitated mentorship between physicians in different career stages, helped build an institutional culture of innovation and scholarship, while empowering residents to lead a real-world knowledge synthesis and translation project.
Keyword 1 Crowdsourcing
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Authors Brandon Tang
Brandon Tang
Carol Bao
Meiying Zhuang
James Tessaro

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