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Title Disability, Program Access, Empathy and Burnout in Us Medical Students: A National Study
Background/Purpose Students with disabilities, an important and growing population in medical education, report high level of empathy and resilience yet little is known about burnout and empathy experiences. This study investigates whether self-disclosed disability and reported program access are associated with measures of empathy and burnout in a national sample of US medical students.
Methods Using AAMC Y2Q survey data from two cohorts (2019 and 2020) we investigated associations between disability status, program access, empathy, and burnout using multivariable logistic regression models accounting for demographic, personal-related, and learning environment measures.
Results 23,898 (54.2%) provided disability data; 2,438 (10.2%) self-reported a disability. Most medical students with disability (SWD) reported having program access through accommodations (1,215 [49.8%] or that accommodations were not required for access (824 [33.8%]). Multivariable models identified that SWD with and without program access presented higher odds of high exhaustion (1.50 [95%CI, 1.34 - 1.69] and 2.59 [95%CI, 1.93 - 3.49], respectively) and lower odds of low empathy (.75 [95%CI, .67 - .85] and .68 [95%CI, .52 - .90], respectively) than their peers. In contrast, multivariable models for disengagement identified that SWD reporting lack of program access presented higher odds of high disengagement compared to peers (1.43 [95%CI, 1.09 - 1.87], while SWD with program access did not (1.09 [95%CI, .97 - 1.22]).
Discussion SWD were less likely to report low empathy regardless of program access. SWD with program access did not differ from peers in terms of disengagement. These findings add to our understanding of SWD in medicine as empathic future physicians.
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Keyword 3 Disability
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Abstract Track - First Choice Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
Authors Lisa Meeks
Karina Pereira-Lima
Karina Pereira-Lima
Erene Stergiopoulos
Erene Stergiopoulos
Melissa Plegue
Catherine Stauffer
Zoie Sheets
Neera Jain
Bonnelin Swenor
Nichole Taylor
Amy Addams
Christopher Moreland
Lisa Meeks

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