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At the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:
Learning Objective 1 1. Outline a process for the development and implementation of a peer support program
Learning Objective 2 2. Describe the Peers for Peers training curriculum
Learning Objective 3 3. Demonstrate the skill of Empathetic Listening
Learning Objective 4 4. Make use of Empathetic Listening when providing peer support
Category Medical Education
Type Workshop
Title Schulich Wellbeing Peers for Peers Support Program Workshop : Empathetic Listening
Rationale/Background The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a significant increase in physician burnout, highlighting the importance of developing programs to focus on physician wellbeing. The Peers for Peers Physician Wellbeing Support Program is a one-on-one support program designed by physicians for physicians. It is the first of its kind in Canada, based at an academic institution with a clinical academic faculty of >2000. The Peers for Peers Physician Wellbeing program was developed in the spring of 2000. A defined training curriculum for peer supporters was developed and subsequently revised. The approach to supporting peers is based upon the concept of Empathetic Listening wherein support is provided to a peer from a colleague who works in a similar environment. As such, the peer can understand some of the contextual issues that may be contributing to the stress. This workshop will provide an overview of our Peers for Peers Training curriculum with an experiential component on training for Empathetic Listening.
Instructional Methods 1. Schulich Wellbeing Program overview (30 minutes) 2. Review components of Empathetic Listening with a simulation training module (15 minutes) 3. Break-out in pairs to simulate a peer-to-peer interaction (30 minutes) 4. Group discussion of the break-out experience. (15 minutes)
Target Audience All physicians and learners.
Keyword 1 Physician burnout
Keyword 2 Peers for Peers Support
Keyword 3 Empathetic Listening
Abstract content most relevant to: (check all that apply) Continuing Professional Development (CPD) (faculty development, CME)
Abstract Track - First Choice Wellness and the culture of medicine
Authors Andrea Lum
Laura Foxcroft
William A McCauley
Andrea Lum
Laura Foxcroft

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