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Title Associations Between Program Access, Depressive Symptoms, and Medical Errors Among Resident Physicians with Disability: Results From the Intern Health Study
Background/Purpose The rate of medical students disclosing disability is increasing, and the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) has outlined new disability-focused regulations, making disability a new priority for residency programs. While data exist on the prevalence and characteristics of medical students and physicians with disabilities, little is known about residents with disabilities. We assessed the prevalence of self-reported disabilities, program access (i.e. receiving accommodations when residents perceived a need), and the association between program access, depressive symptoms, and self-reported medical errors in a large, multispecialty cohort of US intern physicians.
Methods Interns from 282 institutions across 22 specialties completed a survey for the Intern Health Study 2 months prior to internship, and 1 year into internship, assessing depressive symptoms, disability status, access to program support, and self-reported medical errors. Survey data were analyzed using Mann-Whitney, χ2, Kruskal-Wallis and Dunn-Bonferroni tests for associations.
Results Of 2472 survey respondents, 7.5% self-reported a disability. Most residents with disabilities self-reported program access through accommodations (32.3%) or that accommodations were not required (53.1%). Those reporting unmet program access needs demonstrated a statistically significantly greater increase in depressive symptoms compared to nondisabled residents. They were significantly more likely to self-report major medical errors compared with nondisabled residents and disabled residents whose access needs were met (p = .008).
Discussion There is an association between a lack of accessibility supports and heightened risk for depression and self-reported medical errors during residency training.
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Authors Lisa Meeks
Erene Stergiopolous
Karina Pereira-Lima
Melissa Plegue
Elena Frank
Katherine Ross
Srijan Sen
Lisa Meeks
Erene Stergiopoulos

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