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Title Benefits and Challenges of Family Medicine Residents Teaching in Virtual Settings
Background/Purpose Canadian family medicine (FM) residency programs are required to provide teaching opportunities to trainees to enable skill development. In response to this accreditation requirement, residency programs have introduced resident teaching opportunities into curricula. Since COVID-19, many sessions have been virtual which present opportunities and challenges for resident teachers. The purpose of this study was to describe benefits and challenges of teaching in virtual settings as identified by FM residents.
Methods This qualitative study employed semi-structured, one-on-one virtual (Zoom) interviews with FM residents in the Department of Family Medicine, University of Alberta. Outcome measures included identification of benefits and challenges of virtual teaching opportunities that residents experienced. Interviews were digitally recorded and transcribed verbatim. Qualitative data were coded by each investigator and analyzed collectively using thematic analysis.
Results Ten residents participated in the interviews. Identified benefits of virtual teaching included: having a comfortable teaching environment; reduced stage fright compared to in-person; increased accessibility to sessions; and ease of sharing resources via electronic links. Challenges of teaching in virtual settings included: difficulty assessing engagement; technical challenges; and distractions from learners' various locations.
Discussion Virtual teaching provides conveniences; however, resident teachers should consider strategies for engaging learners virtually and overcoming technical challenges. These challenges afford opportunities for FM residents to demonstrate adaptability when required to change teaching strategies or troubleshoot technical issues, thus adding virtual settings as a new venue in which FM residents can teach.
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Authors Sudha Koppula
Sudha Koppula
Shannon Gentilini
Oksana Babenko
Nathan Turner
Olga Szafran

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