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Title Resolves: A Supportive System for Addressing Lapses in Professional Behaviour
Background/Purpose Lapses in professional behaviour can occur for many reasons. We present a model to address lapses in behaviour that takes a supportive approach.
Methods The RESOLVES (REach out, SOlutions, Launch, VErify, and Support) Model was developed at the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry. It was developed based on a proposed model of physician remediation by Hauer et al from 2009. The model recognizes that all clinicians have occasional lapses in professional behaviour. When lapses become frequent or more significant, there are usually underlying reasons for the behaviour. Implementation of the model is completed in a non-threatening manner by a trusted individual who has no position of authority. The model involves a thorough exploration of what transpired and why, with input from all parties (Reach out). Personal, environmental, and contextual factors are explored. A plan for approaching the issue(s) is developed and agreed upon with all parties (Solutions). The plan is implemented (Launch) and satisfactory completion is confirmed (Verify). Crucial to the success of the model is the provision of genuine support to all parties (Support).
Results The model has been used to address professionalism lapses among Clinical Faculty members at Schulich since 2020. Although numbers are too small to generate discussion about the effectiveness of the model, direct feedback from participants has been highly positive.
Discussion We believe that a non-threatening, supportive approach to addressing lapses in professional behaviour can provide a meaningful experience to all parties that will lead to a decrease in the frequency of lapses in the future.
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Authors William McCauley
William McCauley
Andrea Lum
Laura Foxcroft

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