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Will the presenter be a: Early Career Faculty - (Less than 7 years of practice)
Title Primary Care Approaches to Insomnia: an Asynchronous Virtual Approach to Immersive Cpd
Background/Purpose Insomnia-related sleep complaints are a leading reason for health professional visits. Prevalence data shows an approximately 40% increase in insomnia symptoms with the COVID-19 pandemic among healthcare workers and among the general population.
Methods We built an online 'flipped' education program that provides foundational and practical capacity building in CBT-I, an underutilized first-line treatment for chronic. This program empowers primary care physicians and their colleagues to learn how to provide insomnia education and CBT-I programs and resources in self-guided, individual therapy, and group therapy treatment options.
Results The building of this program opened our eyes to the possibilities of doing constructivist online CPD that melds asynchronous modules for building knowledge and practicing skills, with live webinars for guided case study exploration to capitalize on learning through structured application through curated cases. The program was evaluated and reinforced via pre-, inter-, and post-session surveys to determine knowledge acquisition and attendee feedback of the sessions as well as a prompting clinical self-assessment.
Discussion This program has changed the way that we design programs and recruit planning committees. We've seen the value of developing programs by interprofessional committee and in doing so have vastly broadened our potential audience and financial sustainability. We propose this program as a model for other similar minded CPD that seeks to balance the best of the live and asynchronous online modalities with the scope and wide-appeal that can only be matched with a truly interprofessional planning committee.
Keyword 1 Insomnia
Keyword 2 CPD
Keyword 3 Virtual Education
Abstract content most relevant to: (check all that apply) Continuing Professional Development (CPD) (faculty development, CME)
Abstract Track - First Choice Virtual Clinical Medical Education
Authors Eleftherios Soleas
Judith Davidson
Shayna Watson
David Gardner
Katherine Fretz
Cynthia Leung
Erin Desmarais
Stephanie Lynch

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