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Title Rural and Remote Resuscitation Simulation Program ("RnR Rounds"): A Monthly Hybrid in-Person and Virtual Simulation Program for Rural Physicians to Practice Resuscitation Skills, Well-Received in Either Attendance Method
Background/Purpose Emergencies in rural and remote locations present unique challenges to physicians educationally and clinically. Educationally, simulation opportunities may be limited. As simulation is an effective training tool, a simulation program can be developed to help rural and remote physicians improve resuscitation skills, where certain resources and additional clinical support may not be readily available. The Rural and Remote Resuscitation Simulation Program ("RnR Rounds") was developed for rural physicians to practice resuscitation skills. Participants can attend in-person or virtually. The question is whether participants' choice in attendance method affects their global rating of monthly sessions.
Methods RnR launched in Calgary in 2020. A monthly 2-hour simulation session was hosted in an eSIM Simulation Centre, containing 2 cases of a particular theme (e.g., shock, trauma). Session participants (up to ~10) include physicians and residents. Virtual participants joined by using Zoom Videoconferencing or the Double Telepresence Robot. Virtual participants can volunteer to run cases as a resuscitation Team Leader, virtually.
Results Participants completed monthly post-session evaluation surveys. The average score (out of 7) was minimally higher (0.23-point difference, or 3%) for in-person participant surveys (6.31, n=29) versus virtual participant surveys (6.08, n=12), and this was not statistically significant (p=0.45, two-tailed t-test). Feedback identified debriefs and complexity of cases as positives for virtual participants. Feedback identified challenges surrounding contributing verbally as a virtual participant.
Discussion RnR Rounds is a flexible and accessible monthly simulation program for rural resuscitation practice. Participants can join in-person or virtually, and there is no significant difference in satisfaction in either attendance method.
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Authors Anthony Seto
Anthony Seto
Jonathan Wallace
Natasha Goumeniouk
Craig Bertagnolli
Logan Haynes
Kyle Guild
Matthew Peterson
Colton Lewis
Mohamed Jama
Alice Ko

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