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Title Transformation in Time: A Case Study of Decision-Making in Continuing Professional Development Organizations During A Nonnormative Event
Background/Purpose Many CPD providers were in a reactive position as COVID-19 spread globally as few had well developed pandemic playbooks. With numerous calls to learn from these experiences and transform education and training, we question what we can learn about decision making in CPD organizations during nonnormative events. In this research study, we sought to learn how CPD organizations make decisions about CPD strategy and operations during a health or societal crisis.
Methods This work is an instrumental case study of two organizations: CPD at the University of Toronto and the Society for Academic Continuing Medical Education (SACME). Members of both organizations were invited to participate in a questionnaire and semi-structured interview. Interview data was analyzed using thematic analysis techniques.
Results We conducted 13 semi-structured interviews with consenting participants. Our research shows that decision-making during the pandemic emerged over four phases of reactions and impact from COVID and changed over the course of the pandemic. The creativity, adaptability, flexibility of the CPD community and the need for social connection within the CPD community strongly influenced the decisions of the CPD organizations.
Discussion The transformation of CPD will need to be reflective of the creativity, adaptability, and flexibility so well demonstrated by CPD organizations throughout the pandemic. We have shown that decision-making changes over time in a crisis, and that nonnormative events require a high degree of organization, adaptability, and flexibility. Advancing our understanding of individual and organizational adaptive expertise may enable CPD to better prepare for future crises and react quicker to perceived threats.
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Authors Paula Rowland
Walter Tavares
Suzan Schneeweiss
Morag Paton
Betsy Williams
Bita Zakeri
David Wiljer

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