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Title Online Learning in Clerkship - A Survey of Medical Student Experiences and Preferences During the Covid-19 Pandemic
Background/Purpose The COVID-19 pandemic provided a unique opportunity for educators to innovate with online learning. As we transition to a post-pandemic world, there is an opportunity for curriculum leaders to develop more effective online learning to complement in-person learning. This study aims to explore the clerkship student experience with online learning integrated into in-person clinical learning.
Methods Clerkship students at the Cumming School of Medicine in Calgary, Canada were provided an online survey, consisting of primarily Likert-style questions, to explore what learning strategies they perceive as the most effective. Results are reported as the proportion selecting "Quite Effective" or "Extremely Effective."
Results 89 students responded to the survey (approximately 57% of the graduating class). For synchronous online learning, case-based learning was perceived as the most effective teaching strategy (62%) and audience response systems (e.g. Poll Everywhere) were the most effective technique for improving audience engagement (70%). For asynchronous online learning, interactive cases (85%) and student-developed online study guides (84%) were perceived as the most effective. The majority of students reported that in the future they would prefer a blend of online and in-person learning in clerkship (89%).
Discussion Our study identified that most clerkship students prefer a blend of in-person and online learning. Our findings suggest effective online learning curricula could include case-based learning, audience response systems and a robust library of asynchronous learning resources. Our study is limited to data of student perceptions and does not include learning outcomes. These results could guide curriculum development at other medical institutions.
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Authors Rina Patel
Rina Patel
Susan Bannister
Erin Degelman
Jovey Sharma
Tanya Beran
Melanie Lewis
Chris Novak

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