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Title Getting A Grip on Creating Effective Educational Games for Health Care Professionals
Background/Purpose The advent of technologies and the global drive to implement educational games in healthcare education have transformed the world of medicine. Serious games are games that have an explicit educational purpose and are not intended to be played primarily for amusement. Using serious games for self-regulated learning enhance active student participation, with an overall positive effect on knowledge acquisition and skills development. However, the connection between pedagogical perspectives and serious games is weak. This article aims to share tips, based on review of the available literature that may help educators effectively implement games in healthcare education to avoid "black ice" pitfalls that educators may encounter.
Methods PubMed, Embase, Cochrane were searched using predefined inclusion criteria for relevant articles between 2000 and 2022. Studies including the use and effectiveness of serious games in medical education were considered eligible
Results Our search identified 650 articles, of which 31 met the inclusion criteria based on full-text screening. Peer reviewed articles on the effectiveness of serious games in healthcare education were included. All included articles confirmed a lack of rigorous assessment of educational games and an uncertain evidence of their effectiveness in learning
Discussion Careful planning prior to, during and post implementation of games in education will help learners benefit to the most. Involvement of key stakeholders, such as educators, learners, program administrators, and games developers prior to and throughout the process is critical. Careful and selective choice of key design elements including Entrustable Professional Activities, and rigorous assessments will enhance learning and achievement of learning outcomes.
Keyword 1 Medical education
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Keyword 3 Pedagogical effectiveness
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Residency Education
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Authors Safaa El Bialy
Safaa El Bialy

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