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Title of Abstract Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation Effect on Impulsivity and Depressive Symptoms Among Borderline Patients: a Pilot Study
Abstract Submission Borderline personality disorder, BPD, involves several psychopathological dimensions related to prefrontal cortex impairments that consecutively alter fronto-limbic network functionality. Impulsivity, a main diagnostic criterion for BPD, is believed to be a result of these fronto-limbic dysfunctionalities. These biological manifestations are noticed in a couple of psychotic and behavioral symptoms that are related to these impairments. Anodal transcranial direct current stimulation has shown positive influence on cognitive function related to impulsivity, yet the applicability is still unclear. A few studies have examined the effect of tDCS on BPD. Therefore, we conducted a pilot study aiming to broaden the data of this field and to examine the effect of tDCS on impulsivity and depression in borderline patients. While the depression decreased after the session, we noticed elevated impulsivity on UPPS-IBS but not on the BART-risk taking. Adminstrating these types of novel therapies urge us to review protocols and examine the effect of tDCS on specific population.
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