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Title A scoping review of adaptive expertise in health professions education
Background/Purpose The concept of adaptability is a key component of the College of Family Physicians of Canada's (CFPC) approach to ensuring that family physicians are responsive to the evolving needs of their patients and communities; however, adaptability as a construct has many different definitions in health professions education literature. Adaptive expertise provides a theoretical framework to examine the expectations of practice-and an understanding of adaptability-within family medicine. Our objective in this study was to identify from the literature how adaptive expertise can be incorporated into training in family medicine residency programs.
Methods We conducted a scoping review of health professions education literature using five databases (MedLine, PubMed, ERIC, CINAHL, PsycINFO) searched for the exact term "adaptive expertise".
Results The initial search returned 212 articles; 58 met inclusion criteria. Adaptive expertise is a multifaceted construct encompassing cognitive, metacognitive, motivational, and dispositional aspects. It emphasizes a balance between the efficient use of previous knowledge and innovative problem solving in novel or complex situations. The ability to adapt to novel clinical problems is important for the patient-centred, generalist care required of family physicians.
Conclusion The results of this review will inform recommendations for the assessment of adaptability in family physicians by the CFPC. From the perspective of assessment, training programs must ensure that residents are equipped to address complexity and ambiguity in independent practice. An explicit focus on the development of adaptability in residency is crucial to preparing graduates to meet the expectations of family physicians in Canada's healthcare community.
Keyword 1 adaptability
Keyword 2 adaptive expertise
Keyword 3 scoping review
Level of Training General
Abstract Themes Learning Outcomes
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Life-Long Learning
Authors Theresa van der Goes, University of British Columbia
Luce Pelissier-Simard, Université de Sherbrooke
Karen Schultz, Queen’s University
Kathy Lawrence, The College of Family Physicians of Canada
Cheri Bethune, Memorial – University of Newfoundland
Shelley Ross, University of Alberta
Brian Hess, The College of Family Physicians of Canada
Nancy Fowler, The College of Family Physicians of Canada
Martin Potter, Université de Montréal
Nathan Cupido, University of Toronto

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