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Title Currencies of recognition for Canadian distributed medical education preceptors
Background/Purpose Medical schools spend considerable time, effort, and money on recognition initiatives for rural and distributed medical education (DME) faculty but there is little in the literature to guide these recognition efforts or to predict which items of efforts will be most effective. To better understand how rural and DME faculty value different forms of recognition, we evaluated their perceptions of the importance and meanings they attach to various forms of DME faculty recognition.
Methods Based on a bilingual survey (n = 222) evaluating rural and DME faculty perceptions of recognition efforts across 9 provinces and a territory in Canada, we used descriptive statistics and exploratory factor analysis (EFA) and examined what DME faculty considered to be i) important and ii) meaningful recognition at their institutions. An orthogonal varimax rotation was used to extract empirically and theoretically relevant factors.
Results The EFA results revealed that DME faculty recognized all the 13 Likert scale items measuring important recognition as a valid unidimensional construct with high factor loadings ranging from 0.73 to 0.82. This construct was found to be highly internally consistent (α = 0.95). The EFA results also revealed a distinct three-factor solution to what respondents considered to be meaningful forms of recognizing DME faculty based on 22 items. These factors were classified as formal instructional recognition (α = 0.89), connections, growth and development (α = 0.88), tokens and gratitude (α = 0.82).
Conclusion These results could help medical schools make effective choices in efforts to find effective ways to recognize rural and DME faculty.
Keyword 1 Recognition
Keyword 2 Distributed medical education
Keyword 3 Preceptors
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Abstract Themes Distributed Medical Education
Additional Theme (First choice) Distributed Medical Education
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Additional Theme (Third Choice) Distributed Medical Education
Authors Aaron Johnston, University of Calgary
Rebecca Malhi , University of Calgary
Nicholas Cofie, Queen’s University
Ruzica Jokic , Queen’s University
James Goertzen , Northern Ontario School of Medicine
Tom Smith-Windsor , University of Saskatchewan
Edward Makwarimba , University of Alberta
Sandra Badcock , Memorial – University of Newfoundland
Amanda Bell, McMaster University
Sonia Sylvain, Université Laval
Jean Ouellet, Université Laval
Andrew Hunt, Memorial – University of Newfoundland
Jill Konkin, University of Alberta
Aaron Johnston, University of Calgary

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