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Title How do we support racialized learners in the educational environment?
Rationale/Background The study of differential attainment (DA) clearly demonstrates a difference in academic and career attainment between racialized learners and physicians, and their white counterparts. DA research has highlighted the role of supportive learning environments, peer support, and mentorship, as key strategies to reducing the attainment gap. Despite this, many EDI initiatives fail to focus on these strategies or use attainment as evidenced-based outcome measures for program success. Through sharing our stories of racialization, and our journey to creating an anti-racism support structure that prioritizes the needs of learners, the founders of the Racialized Residents at McMaster group will work with attendees to develop strategies to better support their racialized learners with clear measures for program success.
Instructional Methods The first segment of this workshop will outline and evaluate current evidence on DA and the structure of a peer support network as an effective intervention. The second segment will use structured case discussions of racializing experiences to develop a better understanding of how racialization affects interactions within the learning environment. The last segment will outline the implementation of institution level interventions to reduce DA in medical education, and the barriers we navigated to implement our intervention.
Target audience This workshop welcomes all healthcare educators and medical learners.
Learning Objectives Describe the concepts of race, racialization, and racialized communities; Evaluate the literature on differential attainment and how it applies to racialization; Apply this new knowledge to creating an action plan to support racialized learners in the workplace and educational environment.
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Authors Anjali Menezes, McMaster University
Shayna Henry, McMaster University
Gina Agarwal, McMaster University
Anjali Menezes, McMaster University
Shayna Henry, McMaster University
Teresa Semalulu, McMaster University

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