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Title National Orientation in Family Medicine Leadership Education Program (NOFMLE): Supporting Educational Leadership
Background/Purpose Family physicians are reluctant to consider educational leadership roles. Diligent leadership succession planning in family medicine (FM) is essential. FM leaders often get promoted into educational leadership positions with minimal preparation, guidance or support. The College of Family Physicians of Canada has taken steps to address this concern by developing and implementing an , annual National Orientation in Family Medicine Leadership Experience (NOFMLE).
Summary of the Innovation The CFPC through its Section of Teachers created a leadership development opportunity (NOFMLE) that has evolved iteratively over 3 years since 2018. A cohort of junior/new educational leaders are invited from Departments of Family Medicine across Canada to build a leadership community of practice (CoP). NOFMLE is designed uniquely to highlight FM specific educational content, nurture, connect and grow creative and diverse leadership voices .Strategies including, gamification, integration of arts and humanities and reflection are utilized to encourage engagement, foster a CoP and, facilitate application of skills learned to individual workplace specific challenges. In keeping with program values, graduates are invited to join the committee for further quality improvements.
Conclusion Participants in NOFMLE (80%) indicated no prior leadership training. Seventy -three percent indicated they were unsure but were willing to pursue leadership roles, given encouragement and support. Findings from this initiative related to self-perceived confidence, ability to perform leadership tasks, imposter syndrome , burnout, mentorship, and the importance of building sustainable leadership CoP. will inform those organizations/institutions interested in building leadership capacity .
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Authors Viola Antao, University of Toronto
Lisa Graves, Other
Aaron Johnston, University of Calgary
Ivy Oandasan, University of Toronto
Alison Eyre, University of Ottawa
Eric Wong , Western University
Jobin Varughese, McMaster University
Tim Dube, Université de Sherbrooke
Aleksandra Walczak, The College of Family Physicians of Canada
Sara Bertrand, The College of Family Physicians of Canada

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