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  • Karen Leslie
  • Anne Drover


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Length of Presentation
Half Day (4 hours)


Abstract (Rationale / Background / Purpose)

Rationale/Backround- CMBE is poised to transform medical education in Canada across the continuum of undergraduate, postgraduate and continuing medical education. Preparing faculty for the roles they will play in support of a shift in focus to competency base learning and assessment is a huge task, for which there needs to be a variety of strategies and approaches.

Goal: The goal of this special ½ day event is to provide an opportunity for medical educators engaged in medical education across the continuum of learning to share and learn with each other about effective strategies and approaches to the implementation of CBME in their local sites


By the end of this event, participants will be able to:

  1. Identify 3 core concepts about CBME for all faculty engaged in teaching and learning across the continuum of learners

  2. Describe an approach to the preparing of learning environments to support CBME

  3. Identify their role in the design, implementation and evaluation of a faculty development strategy at their school/practice setting and/or program

Who is this for?

Any educator who has an interest and/or role in CBME and the needs of teachers and educators relating to their roles in the learning and assessment of trainees.


Short Large Group Session that will set the stage for the small groups

The day will have several different types of small group learning activities that will address: (for example)

  • Identifying faculty development needs relating to CBME— focusing efforts at the ‘ground level’ on 3 core concepts

  • Models for faculty development to support CBME (e.g the Kingston experience)

  • Provision of Feedback- the coaching role and skill development for faculty

  • Learning about what resources are available from the RCPSC and where there are opportunities for sharing within specialties and across schools

Closing discussion as a large group with an in-situ needs assessment for future learning needs and opportunities

Optional Literature References

Holmboe ES , Ward DS, Reznick RK, Katsufrakis PJ, Leslie KM, Patel VL, Ray DD , Nelson EA . Faculty Development in Assessment: The Missing Link in Competency-Based Medical Education Academic Medicine 2011;86:460–467

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