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  • Jamiu Busari
  • Ming-Ka Chan
  • Deepak Dath


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Length of Presentation
Half Day (4 hours)


Abstract (Rationale / Background / Purpose)

The CanMEDS 2015 Leader Role emphasizes physicians’ responsibility to be leaders in the healthcare system. As leaders, they must acquire the competencies that will help them to navigate the complex landscape of health care delivery and lead with impact. Undergraduate, postgraduate and continuing professional development training in leadership will help them to address challenges both during and after their training as they work in integrated health teams.
This workshop is intended to engage participants in exploring their roles as leaders in the healthcare system. They will use pre-conference material to prepare for discussions that will help them to chart their leadership activities and opportunities, determine measurable outcomes, and prioritize their leadership involvement. Participant will leave the session with some personally-relevant plans for change.
Instructional Methods:
An interactive workshop utilizing:
1. Flipped classroom – Prior to the session, participants will be provided with instructions and references for the necessary preparatory assignment.
2. Small group discussions – highly interactive sessions in small working groups will make this workshop personally relevant to the participants. They will use a worksheet to tailor their learning to their own needs, mapped to the CanMEDS 2015 Leader Role. Program directors, educators and administrative leaders can use the interactive sessions to plan on a macro scale.
3. Real time online resource consultations - Participants will use pre-conference references and online resources during the session to carry out their exercises
Target Audience:
Residents and Faculty
Three (3): Learning Objectives:
1. Revisit and distinguish the residents role as manager versus leader (Gap analysis)
2. Define and identify the essential characteristics of “high impact leadership” in health care. (Knowledge management)
3. Formulate the tenets of high impact leadership for the aspiring resident leader
Leadership, Training, Competency

Optional Literature References
  1. The Flipped Classroom as a Pedagogical Tool for Leadership Development in Postgraduate Medical Education. AT Lucardie, JO Busari (2017) Education Science 7 (63), 1-12
  2. Collaborating internationally on physician leadership development: why now? Ming-Ka Chan , Diane de Camps Meschino , Deepak Dath , Jamiu Busari , Jordan David Bohnen , Lindy Michelle Samson , Anne Matlow , Melchor Sánchez-Mendiola (2016). Leadership in Health Services, 29:3, 220-230

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